Plus 1: Amir Amadeus Asgharnejad, Audar Kantun, Charlie Roebrts, Erlend Grytbakk Wold, Johanne Hestvold, Linn Pedersen, Pia Eikaas, Thora Dolven Balke, Tor-Finn Fitje, Victoria Duffee

20 May - 20 June 2020
Installation Views
Press release

Plus 1 is an exhibiiton that concived during Covid-19. We were all sitting at home and wondering when was the next lookdown going to be, when can I see my friends and when can we go back to our cabin? This exhibition is put together in a difficult time when didn't know the answer to any of the questions above. 


Plus 1 is a show where we asked artist we work with to invite a plus 1 to how with. Audar Kantun invited Amir Amadeus Asgharnejad, Charlie Roebrts invited Victoria Duffee, Erlend Grytbakk Wold invited Pia Eikaas, Johanne Hestvold invited Tor-Finn Fitje and Linn Pedersen invited Thora Dolven Balke. 


Stay safe, 

Golsa team