Erlend Grytbakk Wold Norwegian, b. 1986

Erlend Grytbakk Wold (b.1986) is an Oslo-based artist working with painting and sculpture. His works are situated at the convergence between seeing and understanding, focusing on the moment where we don’t see clearly. Welcomed into a plane defined by lines and fields of foggy shadows, we revel in a world of blurred vision. Wold’s sculptures, resembling post-minimal furniture, are not made for our bodies to peruse them. Neither are his raw canvases made for the watercolors they soaked up, leaving sheer traces of color as reminders of their presence. Wold’s works are there for themselves, in their own right, but invite you to spend time in their company.
Grytbakk Wold holds a MFA from Malmö Art Academy. Previous solo exhibitions include Kunstnerforbundet (NO), Trøndelag Senter for Samtidskunst (NO), and LNM (NO).
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