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We are delighted to show you the new publication by Johanne Hestvold. The book is made in collaboration with the artist-run publishing platform Heavy Books

"Eating at Conjunction"⁠ ⁠ Size: 32 x 24,4 cm⁠ ⁠ Design: Gaute Tenold Aase ⁠ ⁠ Text: Malin Graesse⁠ ⁠ Copy Editior: Ellef Prestsæter⁠ ⁠ Edition: 500



We are proud to launch a new photo edition by Linn Pedersen in occasion to her current solo exhibition "


The exhibition is a continuation of Pedersen's works of the past few years, as exhibited at venues such as Fotografie Forum Frankfurt and Henie Onstad Kunstsenter, with a combination of large prints from analogue medium photographs and sculptural installations.

The motifs vary from close-ups and interiors to landscapes but are all unified in their similar soft and grainy qualities. As in several of Pedersen’s previous photographic series, the motifs in this exhibition are a mixture of consumables, outlying settlements, and geological formations, with a sometimes intrusive atmosphere of snow, fog, or darkness.


Solaris, 2021

Archival pigment print on 310g Baryth paper

Paper: 38 x 29,7 cm Motive: 35 x 27,7 cm Edition of 50



We are proud to announce two new sculpture editions by Johanne Hestvold in connection to her exhibition "Eating at Conjunction".

Generic containers have become a staple of modern life. Deeply enmeshed with our cultural fabric in everything from take away coffee cups, fast food, slow food, make up, hunting equipment, toys, stereo equipment, and the list goes on and on. In a way, our contemporary life comes in boxes. A container is an object that stores or transports fluids or smaller objects, as such a container contains. It protects the inside from the outside and vice versa. It is a sort of boundary between something and something else, between liquid and surface, between objects, between matter. It demarcates where something ends and something else begins. Mundane containers and mass produced objects have for the last couple of years occupied the imagination of Johanne Hestvold.

"Eating at Conjunction"

consists of a series of five sculptures, with titles referencing a specific park and its cultural function. In a way she is inquiring into what a park contains, and how it is inevitably linked to eating.



Johanne Hestvold

Eating at Conjunction

20/01/2021 — 21/02/2021

The five sculptures here are large, almost brutalist-looking vessels that stand on imposing concrete plinths. Together, they exude both ceremony and mystery, as if constructed by some long-gone civilization. Each shape is based on a discarded takeaway container, collected by Hestvold from public parks, which she redraws digitally and mills into oversized moulds. The artist fills the forms with Ganoderma, a type of fungi, and hemp shavings; the latter activates the fungi, causing it to grow. The resulting material, mycelium composite, is alive but in a state of hibernation. It has a rough and uneven texture, colored milk-white with blotches of grey. Hestvold has altered the forms’ internal recesses so that their lines render the cartographic layouts of famous parks and gardens. Most of her selections are from the modern era, like Oslo Botanical Garden, founded in 1814, but


(all works 2021) references Pasargadae Gardens, an archaeological site in southern Iran that dates all the way back to the 6th century BC.