Johanne Hestvold Norwegian, b. 1988


Johanne Hestvold (b.1988) is an Oslo-based artist with a sculptural practice. Through her works, Hestvold reworks familiar objects and materials into new forms in order to challenge our ways of approaching our everyday surroundings, while using various materials, such as spores from fungi and mass-produced consumer goods. As her sculptures are shaped in dialogue with their surroundings, they unsettle any sense of certainty and question the relationship between humans and the objects surrounding us.

Hestvold holds a BFA from the Academy of Art in Bergen. She has also studied sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts, Helsinki. Recent museum exhibitions include Astrup Fearnley Museet, Sørlandets Kunstmuseum, Drammens Museum and Norwegian Sculpture Biennale. Recent solo exhibitions include: Eating at conjunction, Golsa, 2021, Oslo (NO) and Funksjonærer, ARTendal, Arendal, 2018 (NO). Recent group exhibitions include Underland at RADIUS, 2022, Delft (NL) and Jeg kaller det kunst at Nasjonalmuseet, 2022, Oslo (NO).

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