Charlie Roberts USA, b. 1983


The works of Oslo-based American artist Charlie Roberts (b.1983) seem to warp the image of the modern world, as if through a distorted looking glass. Portraying young lovers with elongated limbs, contemporary novels, and Gucci suits, Roberts nevertheless expresses uneasiness with modernity. His works consist of a wide range of art-historical and pop-cultural references – stretched and twisted, placed on display in an array of materials, from paint to clay to carved wood. The subject matter, in its everyday banality, seems to be at odds with the delicacy of the various media Roberts wields.

Roberts is educated at the Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design, Vancouver, Canada and Kansas University, USA. His works have been exhibited at Woah (HK), Richard Heller Gallery (CA), Kravets/Wehby Gallery (NYC), David Risley Gallery (DK), and Galleri Magnus Karlsson (SE).

Installation shots
Art Fairs