Omland: Linn Pedersen

27 February - 23 May 2021
Installation Views
Press release

Beginning, February 27th, Galleri Golsa will present a new solo exhibition with Norwegian photographer and installation artist Linn Pedersen, comprising 14 new photographic works and a sculptural section. The exhibition opens on February 27. and will be on view through March 28.


The exhibition is a continuation of Pedersen's works of the past few years, as exhibited at venues such as Fotografie Forum Frankfurt and Henie Onstad Kunstsenter, with a combination of large prints from analogue medium photographs and sculptural installations.


The motifs vary from close-ups and interiors to landscapes but are all unified in their similar soft and grainy qualities. As in several of Pedersen's previous photographic series, the motifs in this exhibition are a mixture of consumables, outlying settlements, and geological formations, with a sometimes intrusive atmosphere of snow, fog, or darkness.


A substantial part of Pedersen's photographs is taken in and around the area of Sortland in the north of Norway. This is where she grew up and has again been living for the past couple of years. The works in this exhibition point to specific sites and singular events, while at the same time they appeal to recognizable situations and common experiences.


Cut loose from their (original) context, the everyday objects or imposing landscapes become more like abstracted symbols or "ideal" forms: A keychain with a fluffy dino-bear left behind on the frosty grass, chiseled calcareous minerals on a kid's study desk, and a massive snow-capped mountain called Junior.


The photographic works described above are displayed in the form of both untreated and processed analog medium format photographs mounted in custom frames, while sculptural works of concrete, wax, and rope form an extensive installation in the gallery space.