Soft Pop

Yves Scherer
Yves Scherer, 2020
Dimensions: 32.0 × 24.0 cm⁠⠀
Soft Pop is a monographic publication by Yves Scherer that features a selection of works from 2013 to the present. It is organised a free association of images selected by the artist in collaboration with designer and publisher Marius Steiger. Like a harmony based on simultaneously sounded notes, Soft Pop does not try to reflect on it’s title or find certain references in Yves work, but to produce image progressions which are Soft Pop themselves. The book is accompanied by a text booklet with texts by Abaseh Mirvali, Jenny Danielsson and Daniel Lalor.⁠
1st Edition 2020, 1500 copies⁠
Softcover, 244 pages⁠
Offset print, thread binding⁠
Designed by Enjoy Stratford⁠
Soft Pop: Yves Scherer
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