Leaves of Grass

Yves Scherer
Yves Scherer, 2020
Publisher: Heavy Books
ISBN: 978-82-93580-05-8
Dimensions: 24.5 x 17.5 cm

Leaves of Grass is a publication by Swiss artist Yves Scherer made in connection to the exhibition with the same title at Galleri Golsa. The title is a reference to Walt Whitman’s well-known book of poetry, in which he developed a language to speak about the national identity of the newly founded United States of America.

The book opens with a collection of paparazzi photographs that shows Laetitia Casta on a short holiday in Corsica, the island where she was born. In connection to the photographs are large scale oil paintings of identical format that were painted during quarantine in 2020 in his studio in the Bronx, NYC. They are executed with traditional oil paint that gets sprayed onto thickly primed cotton canvas.


Leaves of Grass

Concept and Design: Yves Scherer, Christian Tunge

Text: Irene Campolmi
Photography: Mats Nordman
Retouching: Jaz Harold, Yves Scherer
First edition, 2020


Clothbound hardcover

52 pages
First edition, 2020
ISBN: 978-82-93580-05-8

Leaves of Grass: Yves Scherer
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