Eating at Conjunction

Johanne Hestvold
Johanne Hestvold, 2021
Publisher: Heavy Books
ISBN: 978-82-93580-17-1
Dimensions: 32 x 24.4

"Eating at Conjunction consists of a series of five sculptures mounted on top of concrete pedestals, with titles referencing a specific park and its cultural function. In a way Hestvold is inquiring into what a park contains, and how it is inevitably linked to eating. It was during an artist residence in Berlin in 2019, when Hestvold developed an interest in the disposition of parks and landscape design. The result of this interest emerges as a search for the historical, cultural and material formations and infrastructures of parks. Fundamentally, her works seem to explore the nature off parks, their history and materiality, as containers in their own right.


The sculptures in Eating at Conjunction represent generic food containers, or more concretely, take away boxes and they embody maps of the park they are referencing. They are cast in a mix of Ganoderma, a living fungi that functions as the binder, and hemp shavings which is the material’s aggregate. Unlike concrete which is also a composite (consisting of aggregate and a binder fluid) that cures in order to harden, the matrix forming the walls of Hestvold`s sculptures harden because the Ganoderma eats away at the hemp shavings. Technically speaking, the material is stabilised by making the Ganoderma inactive. Like yeast, certain temperatures or lack of humidity will cause a sort of hibernation, resulting in a quasi-stable mass; the walls of these sculptures can be “awakened” at any time."


- excerpt from Eating at Conjunction, text by: Malin Graesse


Eating at Conjunction
Design: Gaute Tenold Aase
Text: Malin Graesse
Copy Editor: Ellef Prestsæter
Photography: Installation images from Eating at Conjunction,
Galleri Golsa, Oslo, Norway, 2021
Photos by Christian Tunge

Debossed softcover with flaps
80 pages printed on two papers
Edition of 500
Published by Golsa and Heavy Books in 2021
ISBN 978-82-93580-17-1

Eating at Conjunction: Johanne Hestvold
Kr 350.00