Day and Night - two sculptures by Yves Scherer: Private viewing

22 February - 2 March 2024

To me they represent the beauty and sadness of solitude, the single man and its strength and timeless longing.

- Yves Scherer

We warmly invite you to "Day and Night," a private view featuring two sculptures in stone by artist Yves Scherer. Crafted from delicate pink onyx, these mirrored figures, born from a single block of stone, evoke a sense of quiet contemplation and introspection.


Each sculpture, reminiscent of elongated Eros figures, invites viewers to ponder the beauty and solitude of the human experience. With heads bowed in reflection, they offer a glimpse into the strength and timeless longing inherent in solitude.


Join us for an intimate viewing of "Day and Night" at Golsa Gallery from February 22nd to March 2nd. Experience the subtle nuances of Scherer's work and immerse yourself in a moment of quiet contemplation.

Installation Views