Happy I Have Your Head: MSR FCJ

7 March - 19 April 2024

We are delighted to introduce MSR FCJ for the first time in our gallery with their exhibition Happy I Have Your Head. A solo show featuring their incredible duo drawings and paintings.


Mike S Redmond and Faye Coral Johnson are a collaborative artist duo based in the UK. Since 2006, the two have been filling walls and pages throughout UK, Europe and the US.
Together they challenge conventional views of art with their experimentation in lo-fi creation and spontaneity. Their work blurs the lines between the abstract and the figurative, transforming ephemeral moments into lasting treasures. Through a playful and dynamic process, they reveal evolving scenes and forms as if organically growing in a sketchbook. The results is a unique fusion of visual ideas, creating a personal and unforeseen artistic expression. 



Installation Views