Adam & Eve: Yves Scherer

21 September - 21 October 2018
Installation Views
Press release

Gallery Golsa is thrilled to present the second solo-exhibition of Swiss born, NYC based artist Yves Scherer (b. 1987). Titled Adam & Eve, the show continues his interest in celebrity culture, fan fiction and the romantic life, while taking on one of the Ur-myths of human storytelling. A myth which in it’s simplicity and universal truth has stuck with people for generations and served as a mirror in which we seem to glimpse the whole, long history of our fears and desires.


Upon entering the space we encounter small pencil drawings of green red apples, which are later combined with mugshots of Lindsay Lohan, the American actress who has made headlines with her debaucherous lifestyle and excessive indulgence in sensual pleasure. Paired are these works with two new iterations of Scherer’s figurative sculpture practice:

Legolas is a bronze sculpture which shows a central character of the Lord of the Ring epos as a nude. Both strength and vulnerability are projected by this and amplified by a little butterfly which is sitting on the arrow of this elf like figure. The same bow creates a sort of stand off situation between the figure and the wall works. In the original fable Adam & Eve are expelled from Paradise after Eva tried the apple. Here the female figure seems part of the temptation herself, as if she had crossed this line already; the original sin, or the violation of gods command which allegedly caused everything that followed in the lives of our whole species, from the universal phenomena of shame to the universal fact of mortality.


Vincent, the other sculpture in the room, feels less affected by this environment. Taken from a picture of the french actor Vincent Cassel walking on the beach and rendered in pink aluminium, the figure adds a certain cool, seemingly floating between and above this intense arrangement as he casually strolls through the gallery space.

The same actor is then featured in the back of the space again, in lenticular prints which depict him and Monica Bellucci in their time as a couple, an arguably passionate time and relationship. It’s as this was a look into a future where Adam & Eve have found each other again, not in paradise but the real world. As sinners, you could say.

For the exhibition we're releasing an edition by Yves. Brangelina is the second lenticular edition we've released in collaboration with Yves Scherer.