Urara Tsuchiya Japan, b. 1979


Urara Tsuchiya (b.1979) is a Japanese-born, Glasgow-based multimedia artist whose works range from ceramics to performances to videos. Tsuchiya is best known for her hand-painted ceramics with explicit motifs, exploring the space between the surrealistic and the ordinary and that humorous strangeness that comes along.


Tsuchiya works with the boundaries of, for example, animal/human and adult/baby to strange and humorous effect. Using costumes, poetry, and home cooking as props, she creates alternative environments and forms of behavior while negotiating the viewer’s own physical and personal boundaries. 


Tsuchiya holds an MFA from Glasgow School of Art and has studied fine Art at Goldsmiths University, London. Her work has been exhibited at Frieze London (UK), Glasgow International (UK), Trade Gallery (UK), and Union Pacific (UK). Upcoming exhibitions include Ada Projects (IT) and a group show at Vestfossen Kunstlaboratorium (NO).

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