Anders Holen Norway, b. 1986

Anders Holen (b. 1986) is educated at the Norwegian Academy of Fine Arts in Oslo and works with sculpture and installation. He lives and works in Oslo. 

Anders Holen’s sculptures are complex creatures, evoking poetic and enigmatic narratives - often characterized by their brutal expression in contrast with the delicate and fragile material and their fine, glazed surface. The fragmented, assembled bodily parts and the emphasis on the material, puts Holen’s work in a modern practice of abstraction, while still pointing towards a more classical tradition. By exploring elements such as the it and the self in different compositions, his work erases the distinction between the subject and the object.

Recent solo and group exhibitions of his work include: “Farm Life,” Golsa, Oslo (2022), NULL, Norwegian Sculptors Society, Oslo (2022, solo), “Drawing Together – 201 Cadavres Exquis,” Museum Im Bellpark Kriens, Lucerne (2022), “Substantial investors’ moving markets on their own,” Elephant Kunsthall, Oslo (2021), “What does it mean to be human?” Jugendstilsenteret & KUBE (2021), “DeLux,” She Will Artspace (2021), “DAMA,” Doom Loop, Palazzo Coardi di Carpeneto, Turin (2019, solo), “Doom Loop,” Kunstnerforbundet, Oslo (2019, solo), “Sun and Spring in January – Next generation in Norwegian contemporary art,” Astrup Fearnley Museet, Oslo (2019), “1K,” Peder Balke Senteret, Kapp (2018, solo).

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