Nick Farhi USA, b. 1987


Nick Farhi (b. 1987, New York) develops wonky and askew visual grammar, painting

both still and moving life at deliberately bewildering and unusual scale. Through the interplay between visual research (spanning from source, autobiographical photography and cinema) to an internal intuition for representation, Farhi juxtaposes daily life with obscure symbology.


His influences range from his Jewish-Lebanese roots in New York City, to his time spent living along the North American East and West coasts, Mexico, and parts of Europe. Through an interplay between visual research, (spanning from found imagery and autobiographical photography) to an internal intuition for figuration, Farhi delivers various addresses on daily life through mark making and abstract symbologies. 


Farhi obtained an MFA in Painting from Columbia University in 2023. Later this year Nick will present solo exhibitions in New York and Los Angeles, and in 2024 in Paris, Stockholm, and Naples. Recent solo exhibitions include “Babushka,” Freedom Gallery, New York (2021), Solo project, Gelato Days, Palazzo Monti, Brescia (2020), “Clay Orchestra,” Tillou Fine Art, New York (2019), “Desert Bloomers,” Golsa, Oslo (2018).


Recent group exhibitions include: “Eroica Variations” Villa Lina, East 6th Street, New York (2023), “Beach," Nino Mier Gallery, New York (2023), “In Response: The Sassoons”, The Jewish Museum, New York (2023), "MZ.25," M+B Los Angeles, Los Angeles (2023), "Too Long at the Fair," Golsa, Oslo (2023).

Installation shots