Mehdi Ghadyanloo Iran, b. 1981


Mehdi Ghadyanloo (b.1980) is an Iranian-born, Frankfurt-based artist known for his paintings of imaginary spaces and extensive production of large-scale murals portraying surreal architectural arrangements. Through minimal heterotopic environments and the repeated use of symbolic elements such as stairs, balloons and airplanes, Ghadyanloo invites us to consider new realities and the shared universality of our existence. 

In October 2017, Ghadyanloo became the first Iranian artist to be commissioned in both Iran and the US since the revolution in 1979, when he completed a major public commission for the Rose Kennedy Greenway project in Boston, US. A mural emblazoned across a 5,230 sq. ft. wall opposite the city’s South Station.

Ghadyanloo holds a BA in fine arts from the University of Tehran and an MFA in animation from Tarbiat Modares University. His works are included in several museum collections and have been exhibited at Gallery Almine Rech (FR), Gagosian Gallery (NY), and Howard Griffin Gallery (UK). He also has several public art projects and murals in Iran, USA, Austria, and Switzerland.

Installation shots
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